We always have a lot of fun creating themed corporate events! Here are three of our favourite themes and some amazing photos from real events to show you how we incorporated fun elements into these events.

1. Canadiana/Campfire Theme

This is one of our favourite and most requested themes for corporate events in Banff and Lake Louise. As guests of corporate events are often travelling to attend, this is a great way to bring the incredible, world-class location centre stage and the options for decor, food and activities are almost endless. You can incorporate design elements like lanterns, maple syrup cans, antlers, logs, moss, rocks, wildflowers, evergreens, pinecones, plaid and so much more. It's a theme that is cozy and elegant too, which creates a fun and relaxing environment.

Check out a few ideas below and head over to our portfolios for even more inspiration.

2. Under the Stars

Bring the beauty and wonder of the stars indoors with this amazing corporate theme. With an under the stars theme you can focus on gold or silver and create an event that is modern and classy. We suggest keeping your flowers minimal and focusing your efforts on special decor elements and great furniture to bring it all together.

Below you'll see an amazing version of Under the Stars for a bit of inspiration.

3. Winter Wonderland

This theme is always a lot of fun to work with, there are endless ways we can twist a winter wonderland into your corporate event. A winter wonderland works amazing for large, elaborate event as well as a small, intimate meeting. Ice, snowflakes and evergreens are typically the focus of our winter wonderlands but there are so many ways you can spin this theme at your corporate event. 

Here's one of our favourites for some great winter wonderland theme ideas.

Want to see more of our corporate events? Be sure to head over to our portfolios where you can find more themes, ideas and inspiration for your upcoming event or meeting. We work with all level of corporate events and can help you create exactly what you need.

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